Clip in VS Tape in Hair Extensions-What's Best for You

Human hair extensions are always the best choice for people who want to add volume, length and make hairstyles. Clip in hair and tape in hair extensions are both popular nowadays. What's your favorite hair extensions? Read below to find out the results for clip in hair extensions vs tape hair extensions. 

Clip in VS Tape in Hair Extensions

Months VS Years

Whether you should invest in clip-in or tape in hair extensions mostly depends on what you’re watching for: do you want a prompt hair extension piece or set that you can throw on for a Saturday night party or as part of your daily beauty regimen permanent addition to your look?

Clip in hair extensions are the least permanent technique of all the hair extension methods available today. The hair weft has small clips sewn into them. This creates great volume for people to use them. Clip ins should only be worn for a day at a time and should be removed each evening before you go to sleep. They can last up to a year, depending on how often they are used and if they are cared for properly.

Tape in hair extensions, once installed, can remain part of your natural hair for six to eight weeks, at which point they should be moved up to cover hair that’s grown out. The extensions themselves depend on the type of hair they are made from.

Add Volume or Length

Clip in hair extensions are usually designed to be up to 100 gram, so it can add large volume easily. Usually 1-2 packs are enough for thin hair, 3-4 packs for thick hair. Our clip ins are installed by stainless clips, can add volume as you want. Double wefts clip ins can add various thickness and lengths. 

hair extensions human hair before and after

Tape in hair extensions are usually 50 gram or 100 gram per pack. 150 gram is recommended for a full head look. Tape in hair is designed to small pieces with invisible tapes, each piece is light and tapes are thin. So you can add volume and length easily. No feeling about heavy weight. It is more comfortable and invisible.

Professional or Not

Clip in hair extensions can be applied by clips, there is no need about professional skills or tools. You can easily install it at homeand remove it every night before you go to bed. If you are new to hair extensions, clip ins may be a good choice.

clip in human hair extensions full head thick ends

Tape in hair extensions are easy to apply, but you may need a little skills to install them naturally. Tape in hair extensions are suitable for daily use. When you need to remove it, you need use tape remover to remove it carefully. If you are not familar with tape in hair, you can go to salon to install and remove it as well. tape in hair extensions remy hair

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