What is Seamless Injection Tape Hair Extension?

New Type of Tape in Hair - Seamless Injection Tape in Hair

Tape in hair extension is the most popular hair extension. With the advancement of technology, people are also pursuing thinner and more invisible hair extension. So, injection tape hair appeared.

Easyouth Injection Tape Hair Extensions are produced using the highest quality 100% virgin human hair. Using the latest technology, the hair is injected directly into the polyurethane. When you use it, the sticky tape can attach to your hair, while the side where the hair is injected will face outward, but you won’t worry about others discovering that you are wearing tape hair, because the effect of the injection is very good, as if the hair grows from your own scalp.

What a surprise! You will never worry about the tape being exposed when a strong wind blows.


show the injection tape in hair

Can you find her wearing it?

Since Injection tape hair appeared on the market, many hair extension enthusiasts have fallen in love with it. And many salon professionals realize that it is a faster and more effective method of hair extension, so they recommend it to their customers. As a result, more and more people have known Injection tape hair, and it has become more popular.

How long can injection tape hair be used?

Each piece of injection tape hair is made from beautiful virgin human hair that will keep giving shine as they are reusable up to a year! Same as regular tape hair, if the tape loses its stickiness after a period of use, you can replace tapes, and then you can continue to wear them. (Tell you in whispers, buy tape hair in our shop and you will get free replacement tape!)

The price of Injection tape hair?

Price is also a concern of many people. Since Injection tape hair is higher in hair quality and technology than regular remy tape hair, it is naturally more expensive. The price of Injection tape hair is about 1.5-2.3 times than regular tape hair.

(Can not afford? It’s okay, our shop has discounts on injection tape hair now, see the picture below for details)

Seamless Injection Tape in Hair Extensions

Can I bleach it?

Of course you can! This is also one of the differences between injected tape hair and regular tape hair.

For remy hair, if you want to dye it from lighter color to darker color,it's ok, but we don't recommend bleach it from darker color to lighter color.

The injection tape is made from virgin hair, it is of high quality and pure color, so you can bleach them dark to light.

If you have other questions about injection tape ins, please let me konw.

Contact us: service@easyouth.com


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