You Sure You Know How To Wash Your Hair Extension, Really?

Here are some top tips for washing your hair when you have hair extensions: 

Before you wash your hair extensions

Brush your hair through with the correct type of brush to remove loose hairs 

Wash your hair extensions in the shower

Wet your hair…let the water flow down the hair (don’t wash your hair in a bath, otherwise the water can’t flow down).
Use a 10p size of Racoon shampoo on your scalp, taking care not to rub – use a downwards stroking motion
Rinse your hair
Use another 10p size of Racoon shampoo, this time it should leather up more
Now use 5p/10p of Racoon conditioner – only on the mid to end lengths, not on the bonds
Give your hair a good rinse, make you get all the products out of your hair

Towel dry your hair extensions gently

When you get out of the shower, towel dry your hair – squeeze don’t rub
Don’t brush or comb your hair at this point 

Blow drying your hair extensions

Dry the hair extension bonds with a hairdryer on medium to low heat
Dry the hair in a downwards motion until 80% dry, using your fingers
Use the cool setting on your hairdryer on the bonds to reset them (to make sure they don’t stay soft)
Now start using your hair extension approved hairbrush and finish the blowdry, creating the style you want
You can use a flat paddle brush at the mid to end lengths to get a smooth finish
Only use Racoon-approved products on your hair extensions – this will ensure they last longer 

Note: If you want to use hair straighteners, take care not to go above 160 degrees

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