Clip in Hair Extensions-Something You Should be Told

Have you ever worn clip in hair extensions?

Clip-in extensions are one of the most popular extensions. If you are considering or just purchased clip-in extensions, this article will definitely help you. Of course, if you have been wearing clip-in extensions for a while, you can also look through if there is anything you don’t know about. Let us start now!

Should I choose clip hair?

Clip hair is mainly used to increase the volume of your hair, of course you can also use it to extend the length of your hair. For people with thinning hair, clip hair is one of the most suitable hair extension types. In addition, it is very easy to wear and remove, so it is very friendly to busy people.

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How many pieces do I need?

As mentioned earlier, clip hair is mainly used to increase the volume of hair, so you need to decide how many pieces to wear according to your hair volume. When wearing it, pay attention to whether the appearance looks natural. If there is a place where the hair is obviously thinner or thicker than the surrounding hair, be sure to add 1-2 more pieces.

All clip in hair extensions in our store are 7 pieces, usually enough to full your head.

We also have a special type clip in hair- PU clip. It is more comfortable and invisible.If you are interested in it, welcome to try it!

How to wear clip in hair extensions?

Wearing position

In the picture below, the best wearing positions for 7 pieces of clip in hair are marked (but each person's hair volume is different, so you need to improve it according to your own situation)

wear position of clip in hair

Wearing steps

Attaching clip in extensions is easy – just snap open your clips, put them near your roots where you want to, and snap closed. (see the picture below for details)

how to apply clip hair

Can I wear it while sleeping?

We do not recommend it. The clip hair is very easy to put on and remove, so you can remove it quickly before going to bed without taking too long. In addition, this can also prevent hair from tangling while sleeping and increase the life of clip hair.

sleeping without clip ins


If you have other questions about clip ins, please let me konw.

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