Get to Know More About Pre Bonded Hair Extensions

Here comes greatly awaited pre-bonded hair extensions! In recent years, pre-bonded hair extensions are one of the most popular hair in western country. Now let's come to know more about it.

What are Pre-Bonded Hair Extensions?

Pre-bonded hair extensions are the go-to solution for many, as they provide a long-lasting, effortless way to add length and show-stopping volume to all hair types. Different from other hair types, pre bonded hair extensions are attached to your hair by using a heat gun to bond the extension to your hair. The bond is made from keratin which a safe natural bonding agent that won’t cause any damage to your hair. 

The well-known is K tip hair extensions, also known as nail tip hair extensions. There are also i tip hair extensions, which look different from u tip hair extensions. Micro loop hair extensions are recently on the market, pupular among some pre-bonded hair lovers.

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What are Advantages of Pre-Bonded Hair Extensions?

  • They look natural and the bonds are virtually undetectable, because they are installed by strands.
  • Pre-bonded extensions tend to be more secure and are less likely to slip compared to other types of extensions. This makes them a great choice for most of people.
  • Pre-bonded extensions are great for fine or compromised hair that might not be strong enough to bear the weight of Micro Rings or other fitting methods.
  • They can feel more comfortable than other types of extensions, you might even forget you have extensions because they’ll blend in with your natural hair so well.
  • Usually available at a cheaper price per strand than other types of hair extension.
  • Strands mean you can easily add a mix of colours to add highlights

There are Also Some Disadvantages:

  • If hair gets pulled out the strand it is removed permanently.
  • Application required specialist equipment as the bonding agent needs heat to fuse.
  • Removal of the extensions require a specialist removal solution to break down the bonding agent, you are best seeing a professional hairdresser to remove them and avoid damaging your hair.
  • Oil products should not be used on the bonds as if could break down the keratin and loosen the bond.

Thus, pre-bonded hair extensions are semi-permanent hair extensions, they are more durable and invisible, but they require some technique. If you are worried about the hair quality, you can choose our virgin pre-bonded hair extensions, which is made of high quality virgin hair. U tip hair extensions and i tip hair extensions are hot in some salons, so if you like pre-bonded hair, just do it.

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When you sufferring from hair loss, please do not be nervous. There is always something for you.❤❤

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