Human Hair VS Synthetic Hair Extensions

There occur different types of hair extensions to meet different needs of people. So people can choose suitable hair extensions according to their perference and finance. High quality hair extensions blend well with natural hair. Actually, wearing hair extensions are usual nowadays. Celebrities, influencers and actress often wear hair extensions as their everyday look. But do you know which hair extension is suitable for you? The main types of hair extensions can be divided into human hair extensions and synthetic hair extensions.

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What is Human Hair Extensions?

Human hair extensions are made of real human hair, from Asian to Indian to European. There are different grades of human hair depending on how the hair has been collected, treated, and sorted. Different from synthetic hair extensions, human hair extensions are soft, comfortable and natural. In our store, we have remy human hair and virgin human hair.

What is Synthetic Hair?

Synthetic hair extensions are made from a variety of artificial materials, contain no human hair at all. They can be made from acrylic, nylon, or polyesters, which are heated and sent through tiny micro tubes to simulate the look and feel of hair strands. Since synthetic hair is made from artificial material, it may never truly look like human hair, can be stiff or move differently, have an unnatural shine, and easy to be noticed as a hair piece. 

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The Difference of Human Hair and Synthetic Hair Extensions?

1. Materials

Human hair extensions are made of real human hair and have been slightly processed. Soft as your natural hair. Synthetic hair extensions are made of artificial materials and have been deeply processed. It has been curled and dyed in an acid bath. It feels hard and very easy to tangle.  

2. Lifespan

Human hair extensions have a long lifespan. Remy human hair can last for about 3-6 months with proper care. What's more, virgin hair can last for 6-12 months with proper care. However, synthetic hair extensions can only last for 1-3 months. For most of people, synthetic hair is more like one-time hair extension.

3. Value for money

It is true that human hair extensions are expensive than synthetic hair extensions. But human hair extensions have a long lifespan, which means you don't need to change it frequently. For example, if you need to wear hair extensions for one year, you need at least 4 packs of synthetic hair extensions. But you only need about 2 packs of remy hair or 1 pack of virgin hair. And human hair extensions are soft and comfortable to wear, no stress to your own hair. But you usually feel indisposed when you wear synthetic hair, it is easy to notice.

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Why Do You Choose Human Hair Extensions?

Made of real human hair, human hair extensions are soft to wear. They are more like your natural hair, so it won't hurt your hair. They are not easy to tangle and shed. You can style your hair extensions freely, but the temperature should be under 160 Celsius. They are long lasting and no need for frequent change. High Quality, affordable and cost-effective. Whenever you need hair extensions, human hair extensions are always good choice.

For perfectionists, virgin hair is the best hair extensions they can try. Since virgin hair is made of unprocessed human hair, it is more comfortable and invisible. If you are hesitated about price, our remy hair is also a good choice.

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