How to Choose Hair Toppers

how to choose hair toppersNowadays, lots of us are suffering hair loss. There are many hair extensions on the market. But all of them can add the volume, but can not cover the hair loss on the top of your head. This is really embarrassed. It is easy to find your secret if you have severe hair loss. So you may need a hair topper.

What is hair topper?

Hair topper is a wiglet or crown made of mono base. It is also called toupee for men. A natural-looking hair piece that you can clip or secure on your head to blend in with your own hair. They are used to cover the top of your hair to conceal hair loss and gray hair. Both 12cm*6cm Base Size Topper and 13cm*13cm Base Size Topper are helpful for hair loss. Our hair toppers are applied by clips, so it is easy to apply and remove.

Why Choose Hair Topper?

1.Conceal hair loss. Get rid of the embarrassment of Bald.

2.Give a perfect hairline. No one would find your secret. Help you regain comfidence.

3.Cover your scalp. Help you conceal your obvious scalp.

4.Hide top gray hair. With hair toppers, you don't need to expose your age. 

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How to choose hair topper?

Depend on Hair Loss Size

It depends on the size and degree of hair loss. Hair topper can be divided into three types according to the degree of hair loss: small base size, medium base size and large base size. You can choose the hair topper by its base size. Large base size for severe hair loss, medium size for slight hair loss. It can help you conceal your scalp, looks natural. Mono base and bionic scalp, no easy to find.

Suit Your Hair Color

If you do not want to be noticed when you wear hair toppers, you may need choose the color similar to your natural hair. It will blend well. But if you want to have a fashionable hair style, you can choose ombre color or balayage color.

Choose Your Hair Length

You can choose the length you want. Normally choose the topper which is a little longer than your natural hair or same as your hair is better. Because it will be easy to style your hair.

How to Wear Hair Topperhow to wear hair topper

Hair topper is used to conceal your hair loss, especially the top of your hair. So it can not add much volume as other hair extensions. Please choose the hair type according to your different needs.

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  • Tamara Hogan

    Im looking for a light brown or dirty blonde natural root look soft blonde mix. Clip in topper lace front for natural look! 14” to 16” length can be human hair or synthetic.

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