Do You Know Bob Hair's History?

The inspiration for the BOB head comes from "Saint Joan of Arc". In 1909, a Polish hairstylist named Antoine de Paris invented it in France.

In 1909, Antoni Cierplikowski, a barber in Paris, cut her hair for Miss Eve Lavallière. The actress wanted to play a role younger than herself on the stage, so she turned to the Polish barber, who was called "Mr. Anthony" by the Parisians at the time, hoping that he could look younger. The hairdresser gave her a figure inspired by Joan of Arc, the feminine long hair was repaired, and what remained was a boy with short ear-like hair. That's it for Bob's debut, which looks very sexy and eye-catching. This revolutionary hairstyle is more like a symbol of independence and equality. It was an age when many priests believed that long hair was feminine, and only long hair could reflect the feminine side of women. So when the BOB head was born and introduced into the United States, public opinion in the society agreed that "a woman with a BOB head is an unfavorable woman." The huge repercussion of the BOB head in American society has caused many parents to oppose the cutting of the BOB head by their children, because they cannot distinguish between their son and daughter.

The beginning of Bobota was a symbol of women's liberation
At the beginning of the 20th century, the outbreak of the First World War inspired the consciousness of women in the world to pursue independence and liberation, and their values ​​changed greatly. This change was first reflected in clothing and hairstyles: tedious long skirts were transformed into simple pants and short skirts; feminine long hair also began to shorten, these were symbols of fashion and avant-garde at the time.

Boboto was not all welcome at first. Bobotou initially became popular in the upper class society of central London, and then became the standard hairstyle of some so-called "wave girls" at that time. Most of them had heavy makeup, were often drunk, and were active on the fringe of London society. The hairstyle was so controversial that Queen Mary couldn't help asking her attendants who had worn a wig to cover her bobble heads while attending the royal ceremony. In that era, many women deliberately put on wigs in order to hide their "loose" bobo heads.
In the 1920s, Boboto came to the United States in a controversial voice. Conservatives slammed: "The woman who cuts Boboto is a woman with a detrimental attitude." Parents of traditional families think that this hairstyle, which is difficult to distinguish, is "out of form" However, ethical people call it "cold". It sounds exaggerated, but at that time, the wave of waves in the United States set off a big storm. A New Jersey teacher was ordered to grow his hair because he had cut his head. And many large department stores have even fired a large number of female employees who are cutting fashion and rebels. Even more exaggerated is that some American men even went home from work and found that their wives had cut off their heads, and they even got into a divorce.

In fact, the boy's short ear-shaped hair is very reminiscent of the hairstyle when Queen Mary Anthony was pushed to the guillotine during the French Revolution. In ancient customs in some places, women were shaved into short hair as a sign of shame after committing adultery. But the spread of fashion and scandal was almost as fast, and this "shocking" hairstyle instantly became the latest round of fashion. In 1913, Bobo head made the headlines for the first time, and it was found that it appeared on the head of the ballroom dancer Irene Castle, and Elena did so only because The previous long hair was a little hampered when dancing. Elena Caster became the pioneer, and the upcoming Jazz era with her head as a shining mark is coming soon behind her.

The negation and criticism of traditional society has not prevented women from pursuing liberation and freedom. Faced with the question of "cutting a wave head or not," more and more women have chosen the former. In the 1920s, the wave had reached its first peak. According to reports, more than 2,000 women cut their hair shortly every day in New York, and fanatical followers lined up outside the barbershop. In the barber shop, the phenomenon of queues from the shop to the shop even appeared. At that time, an authoritative hairdressing magazine in the United States received a letter from a parent saying, "From the back, I can't tell whether the boy in front of me is a girl or a girl, because girls have cut their heads like men. I raised my daughter, I hope she will be a lady, raise my son, and hope he will be a man. But now, I am so distressed that I can't tell whether my daughter is my son or not. "

The second peak of the wave head
On October 29, 1929, Black Sunday came to an end, and the Jazz era came to an end. "There are no more modern women." The New York Times proclaimed that in an era of economic depression, they were outdated luxury goods. But Bobo's head did not disappear with it, at least less publicly. In the 1930s, the girl with a lingering head pinned her hair with a hairpin and looked like a pure neighbor. In the 1950s, the girls rolled it up and looked like a helmet.

After the two world wars, the economic rise and openness of ideas in Europe and the United States brought Bobo to its second peak. By the 1960s, Bobo head became high-profile again, and the classic appeared: Vidal Sassoon designed the famous "Nancy Kwan Cut" for Chinese actress Guan Nanshi, with a hairstyle full of geometry Line feeling, beautiful shape. Earlier, the classic bobble head he designed for Mary Quant, another benchmark in the fashion industry and the mother of upskirts, has been a hit. At this time, the male Boboto representatives were the rock youths called "The Beatles". The thick bangs and straight lines on the cheeks were originally the old school of good students in the college. Since the day when they were labeled as "child flower heads", they have never faded.

Development after the 1960s
In the following days, Bobo Head experienced a change and was added with more personal meaning. In the 1960s, Twiggy combed it extremely short and clean, giving her an unclassifiable temperament, a complex of men, women and children. In the 1970s, Faye Dunaway's berets and long wave heads in "Bonnie and Clyde" were memorable. For many years after that, people were at Gwyneth Pat Gwyneth Paltrow saw its shadow on the long bobo head.

Beginning in the late 1980s, the "helmet" prototype of Boba Head was stretched to cover the ears, protecting the owner's cheek like a bodyguard. Fashion always alternates between innovation and retro. In the 21st century, actresses have appeared from time to time with their unique styles, so that this century-old fashion can still lead the trend.

Cute, innocent, and at the same time mysterious and dangerous Bobo, after a hundred years, has been unique in the high streets of various countries. Mark Coray, vice chairman of the British National Hairdressing Association, believes that Boba Head has witnessed various styles such as punk, modern and neo-romantic, and finally carried forward because of pop stars.

Development after the 21st century

Due to the popularity of "non-mainstream" in recent years, the trend of bobo hairstyle has come again. Now, "bobo girls" can be seen in the streets and alleys. These bobos are mostly thick oblique bangs with a fluffy head Strong feeling, length and neck root, micro internal buckle.

This hairstyle is mostly loved by middle school students. It is simple, cute and lively.

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