Micro link Beads 5mm for Hair Extensions
Silicone Lined Beads Micro Link Rings Hair Extensions Tool - Black
Micro Rings Hair Extensions Tool-Brown
1000Pcs MicroLink Beads for Hair Extensions-Blonde

1000 Pcs Silicone Micro Link Rings 5mm Lined Beads for Hair Extensions Tool Itip Beads for Feather Hair & Stick I Tip Hair & Micro Loop Hair

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  • Silicone Micro Link Rings, silicone-lined, standard Micro-Links, also known as Beads, which are primarily used for hair extensions.
  • These Micro-Links are small, round beads made of lightweight aluminum that are lined with silicone to protect the hair and secure a fine hold.
  • Material: Silicone-lined Aluminum Micro Links
  • Size: Diameter of 5mm outside and 3.5mm inside
  • Quantity: 1x bottle of 1000pcs micro rings in 3 different colors provided more selections (black, brown, blonde), practical with soft silicone lining, which allow you to install them to the head for maximum comfort.
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