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[Virgin+]Sew In Hair Flat Weft High Quality Virgin Hair Platinum Blonde #60 |Easyouth

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Easyouth® Virgin+ Flat Silk Weft Extensions



Color: #60 Platinum Blonde

Weight: 14"-22" 50g/Bundle
150-200 Gram Recommended for A Full Head

Extensions Type: Flat Weft Hair

Texture: Straight, Natural Waves When Wet

Spanlife: Keep healthy for 6 months to 12months.

flat silk weft hair extensions

What's Virgin+ Hair Extensions?

Virgin+ hair belongs to virgin hair but is of higher quality than virgin hair. Virgin+ hair extensions are taken directly from a single donor. They are made of human hair that is never chemically processed or color-treated. They are the best in hair extensions and are “living hair".

Why Choose Virgin+ Hair?
virgin hair weft

Advantages of Virgin+ Hair?

  1. Virgin hair is chemically unprocessed hair extensions, they are as healthy and natural as your own hair. It is comfortable, has no stress on your hair, and is free from allergies. It can add your volume without any hurt.

  2. Full cuticles hair extensions. Use unique technology to ensure 90% of the scales are not damaged. All the hair scales open in the same direction, no worry about tangling. It is smooth and silky.

  3. Long lifespan in nature. Virgin+ hair is made of unprocessed real human hair, so it can last for a long time as natural hair. Usually, it can last for at least a year with proper care.
How To Choose The Size?
How To Apply?
Hand-tied Weft VS Flat Weft

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